Junior Alumni

What is a Junior Alumni?

 Junior alumni work with the conference host and senior alumni to assist and coordinate the annual CEI   conference. A large part of their role is working with the students and helping them make connections   and enjoy the conference. 


 Junior alumni also work on a project that interests them, just as they did as students but independently.   This project can be on any area of environmental stewardship and can involve working with their national   CEI branch or local community partners Each Junior Alumni will be asked to make a report about their   project in the Global Forum.

 The junior alumni do the following: 


  1. Providing support to the host of the annual CEI Conference.

  2. Being involved in the planning prior to the annual CEI Conference.

  3. Ensuring the annual CEI Conference runs smoothly and successfully.

  4. Helping the participants engage and participate actively during the annual CEI Conference.

  5. Assisting in the execution of assigned parts of the programme.

  6. Completing a project in their home country

  7. Being a role model of leadership and good behaviour.  

  8. Keeping the CEI spirit alive between the annual CEI Conferences.

  9. Providing creative input and innovation for the CEI framework and its conferences 


Criteria to become a junior alumni

You must:

  • Be between the ages of 19-24

  • Be ineligible to attend as a student due to your age and because you have left high school

  • Have attended minimum 2 CEI conferences as a delegate

Skills required:

  • Self-motivator and the ability to motivate others

  • Dedication to CEI and your work as an alumni

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Enthusiasm 

  • Extroverted/a people person

  • Leadership

  • Adaptable

  • Organised

  • Time management 

  • Teamwork


How to Apply

  1. Fill in the application form - link below, explaining why you think you would be a good Junior Alumni and outlining your project idea.

  2. The deadline for applications is the 14th December 2020

  3. Following this a short intake conversation will take place with the senior alumni and alumni coordinator (Anne Marie Begg). 

  4. Then at the discretion of the host several junior alumni will be selected by the end of January.

  5. If you are chosen as a Junior Alumni you will be supported to attend the conference. 

  6. Up to 50% of your airfare will be paid by the CEI Board and your conference fee will be waived.