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Introducing the Alumni Team

Jana Cox - Ireland/The Netherlands


My job is to lead the senior alumni committee , help them accomplish their tasks and coordinate all our meetings

Nowadays I am doing a PhD at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) researching the changing sediment of deltas. My focus is the Dutch Delta and how climate change and sea level rise will affect deltas and estuaries which are heavily influenced by people and engineering.

As part of my job I work on climate change and sustainability. My favourite part is doing multi disciplinary work with people outside my field. I also began and am part of the Young Women of Geosciences a group of peers who are working towards a more diverse and inclusive environment at my University. 

I am living in Utrecht together with Julien for the past 3 years now and I spend my spare time painting, cooking, playing Animal Crossing and reading fantasy books (when I can go outside I also still like to orienteer). I am still very much obsessed with hedgehogs. 


Julien Beuken - The Netherlands

Senior Alumni Liaison:

I represent the alumni in discussions with the CEI International Board and act as a mediator of discussions

Since the start of 2018 I work for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, where I advise our Director-General responsible for international development cooperation on policy and management topics. Sounds fancy, but means I hear a lot about what my country and the international community is doing about topics like the Sustainable Development Goals, combating climate change and the fight against poverty and inequality. I also try to contribute to making our ministry more inclusive and for everyone to feel fit and vital in their working place. Happy people get lots more done!

When I’m not working I like to be outside and explore my surroundings, go for walks through nature and catch some sunlight. Equally I enjoy relaxing with a good book, movie or playing games online. I love having plants around me to take care of and find the sound of singing birds very relaxing. Actually… nature in general has that effect on me :)


Laura Kelly (née Cox) - Ireland


As the most organised member of our team, I write the emails, the lists and try and keep everyone on track. I am also the Alumni Website Administrator

Currently working in Dublin as a Product Database Specialist for tour operator, Brendan Vacations.  Our company helps organise holidays in Ireland and Scotland for American and Canadian tourists. I chose this job because I love to travel (part of the reason I have attended so many CEI conferences) but I chose my company because they are very involved in promoting sustainable tourism. We want people to make travel matter, to make tourism sustainable in the long term.

During my downtime, I love to go orienteering locally and internationally. I’m also a huge gamer thanks to my husband so I’m often on the Xbox or playing League of Legends online. Apart from this I love to read (a mix of genres but my favourites are historical fiction and fantasy) and partake in my newest hobby, colouring by numbers.


Nadia Young - USA

Social Media Director:

I am responsible for updating, maintaining  and moderating the alumni social media channels and providing media support before and during the conference

I spend most of my time studying at the University of Illinois in Chicago. I live five minutes away from Lake Michigan which is in the hub of City sustainability. I research basic issues of quantitative reasoning in Urban planning.I examine marginalized communities enduring the harsh realities of climate change. Once I graduate I aim to promote comprehensive growth and sustainability of the City and its surrounding neighborhoods. 

Alongside my studies at the university, I research the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly habits humans can adapt when taking care of their body. I create lotions that alleviate pain, scalp masks that promote hair growth, and even facial scrubs that can boost energy. I hope to create my own cosmetics and hygiene line that can take care of humans AND the environment at a low cost. 

During my off time I enjoy recycling fabrics, discovering new recipes, and collecting indoor plants. Living so close to downtown has given me the ability to access fresh and local produce but also taught me how to become a responsible consumer. Being a caretaker has been my responsibility since the moment I was born. I will fight and advocate for my planet and my people until environmental equity is established. 


Samuel Thelaus - Sweden

Junior Alumni Coordinator:

I work closely with the junior alumni in their day-to-day tasks ahead of the conference and work in a mentoring and supporting role. If junior alumni have any questions, whether it be personal or work related, they can turn to me for guidance.

I am a student at Lund University in Sweden, studying programming and statistics. I am hoping to turn this into a career in Data Science and have applied to some master’s programs starting fall 2021 (fingers crossed for me!). I also work part-time in elderly care, with some lovely colleagues and old people. I also spend a few hours every week working as a research assistant in psychology for a professor at UNSW in Sydney as well as a lecturer at Napier University in Edinburgh.

When I don’t do statistical programming or work with the elderly, I like to take walks in the snow, play computer games with my friends and make my own kimchi. I still truly enjoy Korean BBQ, but since it’s hard to get your hands on in Sweden, I have to make do with kimchi pancakes and jjajangmyeon.


Vildana Basic - Sweden

Teacher Representative:

I work closely with the teachers and bridge the gap between the alumni and the teacher's. I also am in charge of chairing the teacher's meetings during the conference and lead the teacher's clan/group during the conference. I also provide guidance to the alumni team and input from a teacher's point of view.

I am a PhD student at the graduate school RelMaS at Malmö University. In my research, I plan to use participatory action research and transformative learning to explore students', teachers' and science professions' changes in motivation and interest in career learning in teaching. 
I have more than 10 years teaching experience in Swedish compulsory school. 
I have also worked with Swedish television around a new TV series that aims to inspire students to take action for a sustainable future.
I love reading fantasy books. My favorite authors are Tolkien and Rowling. When I was working in Oxford I did my best to visit all Tolkien related places in the area.

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Junior Alumni & Supporting Team

Junior Alumni

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Alberto Garcia


Junior Alumni


I’m Alberto and I'm currently studying Biotechnology engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey and I’m starting to work in the beer business.
I like to listen to music, do exercise and work in the lab.
I have been to 3 conferences as a student and 3 as an alumni.


Santiago Garcia Martinez

Junior Alumni


I am Santiago from Mexico City.

I just started college and I am studying medicine at the Universidad La Salle. I love to be with my cats (I have two) and swimming. My hobbies are exercising, reading (novels or medicine books), watching tv shows and playing videogames (I love souls like games). In a future I hope to become a great cardio or neurosurgeon.

Eliseo Diego Moyao Cuervo

Junior Alumni


Hi! My name is Eliseo Diego, I’m 24 years old and I live in Mexico City. I was born in Mexico City, but my mother is from La Habana, Cuba and my dad is from Sinaloa, Mexico, so I have family in both countries. When I was younger, I developed a love of music and movies, and that’s when I realised I wanted to do something with my life related with either one of them, so I became a Business and Entertainment Administrator. I have experience producing social events and music festivals and I love to dance, share new music and discover new rhythms. I also like to hang out with my friends and meet new people, that’s why I became an alumni at CEI.
I think it’s very important to respect others and keep developing ourselves and our minds in order to become a better person every day.
I can’t wait to hang out with you guys and learn about you and your culture!

Selin Eda Sagnak

Junior Alumni


I’m interested in Biochemistry and learning ways to a more sustainable lifestyle. I love music and I’m involved in many aspects of it: from being a clarinetist to a soprano to the president of the folk dance team. I’m passionate about traveling and exploring. I also enjoy taking care of succulents.

Selin Eda Sagnak - Photo.JPG


National Alumni

Costa Rica

Coming soon



National Alumni

Costa Rica

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